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To act foolish and jumble your words and actions around a totally hot and stunning girl. Instead of impressing her you most likely convey yourself as a dork.
I went to talk to K-girl with a well thought plan of attack, but made a dork of myself when I started stammering. What a mess.
by Nightraider November 13, 2007
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Barstooling is a verb and involves visiting several bars and sitting directly at the bar for at least one or two cocktails. This is similar to a Pub Crawl, except barstooling usually involves mostly dive bars and can involve fewer people. Barstooling is best started during daylight hours and can progress for as long as one can remain stable on the barstool. Barstooling usually ends when someone falls off the barstool.
K-hot and I went barstooling in the afternoon and we got hammered.
by Nightraider November 05, 2007
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When your partner (preferrably a woman) gives you a handjob during a crowded comedy show. A long shirt is recommended.
I got a Comedy Clubjob last Saturday during the show causing me to miss a few jokes.
by Nightraider November 13, 2007
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This is the process of sending an e-mail then immediately going into sent mail and doing a SHIFT-DELETE to remove the e-mail without going throught the deleted items folder. This is an appropriate tactic when sending sexually explicit e-mails that you don't want recorded by anyone.
We were exchanging very hot and steamy e-mails at work so we immediately SHIFT-DELETED them.
by Nightraider November 09, 2007
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When your partner fakes being sick to avoid sex.
I was all set for a good nite of sex when all of a sudden she said she wasnt feeling well. She was playing Sex Hookie and I knew it. It reminded me of playing hookie froms school, only now she was playing hookie from my penis.
by Nightraider November 24, 2009
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