A Barry is a person, different one, very unique and a bit wierd. But never the less loves to speak shit. An old Barry is usually that gray haired Guy that you pass on the road and pay no notice to. Barry after a few drinks likes to be philosophical, but can never seem to get the point across. Barry likes his wine, a lot of it, can't stop telling people about his younger days. Never the less we love Barry
That Barry
by Andyc123666 December 26, 2016
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Edinburgh-based adjective, meaning terrific, exceptional, highly enjoyable.
That water slide was barry fun!

So you can come to the pub after all? Barry!
by Robbiemac July 06, 2010
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More specifically "having a Barry", and it is one of the better examples of twice-removed Australian rhyming slang.

It means you're having a bad time of things, or a shocker. The connection is Barry Crocker, an extremely naff singer from Geelong, Australia (my home town - carn the Cats!) who sang the original theme song to Neighbours and is usually seen these days singing at telethons or Carols by Candlelight or other such horseshit.

In a nutshell, shocker = Barry Crocker = Barry.

Most often used in a sporting sense, when someone asks how you performed.

PS for the Seppos out there, Neighbours is a cheap and nasty Aussie soap opera that the Brits can't get enough of. BTW, "Seppo" is another example of Aussie rhyming slang, meaning American (Yank = septic tank = seppo)
When your leggies are disappearing for 9 an over, or you've kicked 4 behinds and 2 out-on-the-full for the day, or your pitching's been racked for 3 homers in 1 innings(if you're a Seppo), mate, you are having an absolute Barry.
by Choda Boy 57 August 10, 2006
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1. barry is slang for the magnum brand ice cream (started by the treatment of a magnum by a middle aged man called Barry Exton)
2. a penis
3. anything that can be described as 'barry' which in fact means nothing, actually is more positive that negative
'set us a barry creamy'
'that was bare barry'
'give him a bare barry shanking'
by Barry is a legend July 06, 2006
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A short or Slang term for Sudbury Ontario, Canada.
Sudbury's a middle sized town in northern ontario.

Even thou this it's properly spelled Sud'BURY' The slang term is said 'Barry'.

Also know for it's grow-0p's.
-where'd you get this great weed?

-from my guy in barry.
by Canada girl_eh? May 13, 2007
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