to barry (verb):

to vomit, puke, barf, chuck up, hurl; usually due to excessive alcohol consumption

//Meaning originated in the south but is now in wide-spread use throughout most parts of the UK//
1) oh no, i think i'm going to barry... not again... *bleurgh*
2) last night was mental, can't believe how many times i barried
by swbgs May 31, 2008
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Originating in Sheffield, England. Used to describe a lower class of society that insist upon driving extremely souped up Vauxhall Nova's with loud generic rap/ dub/ dance music emanating from within. All can be identified from their clothing which consists of a tracksuit/ sportsware, peaked cap, bling trainers and their trousers tucked into their socks.
1) Look at the state of that barried up car, it's a fucking eyesore.
2) You seen that barry scum over there?
3) Barries dont realise that Ali G is actually ripping the piss out of them, else they wouldn't be trying to imitate him!
by KnoyDart June 18, 2007
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A name used for a person. Similar to Larry Lightweight, but can be used in a more general type way. To be used in a derogatory fashion.
*Davis falls off his chair* shortly followed by "you barry!"

"I barryed it hard last night, i was sick all over myself before I got out the door"

*Ugly person walks past* "what a barry!"

"Dezmond disgraced himself again, he's such a barry!"

by xandyt April 27, 2006
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a male prostitute, normally gay, and likes to play with people who have a piss fetish.
look at that boy over there playig with piss fetish boy,
god he's such a barry
by anonymous lil bitch March 19, 2008
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An estate in south wales which is infested with crack cocaine a cheap substitue for cocaine, methamphetamine , heroin , barry is the delusional kid in the group..
Strangley enough likes to see other boys cocks eventhough he claims he is straight,sleeps with ur best friends girl and will only mack on to a female that is clearly involved with another male..

Likes to spread it about..

would be seen gaffing about with tinfoil or any related paraphenalia related to CHRONINC DRUG USE..

Omfg u did barry too???

Get urself tested for hiv!!
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