The term "barry" is synnonimous with a person who is a dreamer or a goof. It's also used when someone is being dishonest, says something outrageous, foolish/ silly or obviousely untrue.

The term barry is a very light hearted insult. Mostly used among friends and most often not even seen as an insult, its like calling someone a wally. Its in no way ment maliciously.
John: I've just won lottery for a 3rd consecutive time.
Bob: barry!

John: I arrived to work this morning but there was noone there.
Bob: That's because it's a Sunday you barry.

I did a barry today, when I forgot to close the hot water tap.

Oh you're a barry!

Bob can be such a barry sometimes....

John is a barry...

he's done a barry today when he ate all the food in a fridge...
by John Mallard June 02, 2006
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A hole in south wales where the demon chav spawn of chav, hobo, cant afford a house, shitheads live. If you have to go via said backwater hamlet, wear pyjamas and call eveyone bruv.
12 year old girl in barryoffering blowjobs in the "vibe". for 20 pence
by Head of the Anti chav Union February 20, 2008
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Short for Barry Bolt. Used in the phrase "do the barry" which means to leave. Often this means to leave in a hurry, but not always. The phrase "do the barry" or "do the barry bolt" can both be used to mean you have to leave.

No idea where the phrase came from.
Look at the time - I've got to do the barry!


Come on lads, time to go, lets barry.
by Dolphin Man January 23, 2007
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That smelly kid whoes always around.

Any loser, geek, nerd or socially retarded person. usually has crooked glasses, and/or greasy hair.

Calling someone named Barry 'a barry' will lead to confusion from them and laughs are had by all
1 - 'come on mate, it'll be funny'

'no way, we'll get into trouble'

'god ur such a barry'

2 - 'haha did u see what barry was doing in the toilets? what a barry'

by imthesean February 24, 2009
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A town in South Wales. Scene of an awful genetic experiment in the late 20th C, that turned everyone into a chav. Barry leaves you feeling you've just spent an hour blowing up a balloon with a hole it.
The juvenile courts do a brisk trade.
Like most Welsh Towns the locals set the tone with a fair share of 'go-lightlies' on high-carb, high-fat, plenty-of-it diets. Oblivious as to how stupid they look, a pleasant Saturday can be spent watching local salad- dodgers grazing in the run-down shopping area. (However cannot rival Caerphilly as 'Fat Central'}
High Points:
Port Road; which largely avoids the place altogether.
Barry Island; which largely avoids culture altogether.
The local chemical works; main attraction.
The docks; which in the rain look like a lowry painting .
Er....that's it.
'Barry; A Great Place To Leave'
by Hedley Clubnobber July 29, 2006
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to vomit in a hyperbolic manner.
Derived from Barry Chuckle of Chucklevision of which can be used as a substitute.
I was so ill today that I Barried all over the bathroom.
Wait a minute, I'm going to stop for a technical Barry Chuckle around the corner.

chunder puke vomit
by TerryNutkins July 06, 2016
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