to tell everyone about all your material posessions
barkin on my faulty phone, fresh new fit maurice malone
by fotweny November 15, 2004
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to be talking smack and trying to front like you're tough shit.
man, quit barkin' before i bust your face in!
by thuggalettex January 11, 2006
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East coast slang word for meaning it's hotter than hell outside.
It's barkin outside. It will be barkin all weekend long. Damn it's barkin outside.
by Clubgirlygirl September 21, 2016
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Slang for Burger King, like Staba is slang for Starbucks.
Well pick up some food at Barkin & swing by Staba for a drink.
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
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hurling your guts over the side of a boat, usually due to seasickness
Johnny spent most of the deep-sea fishing trip barkin' at the sharks.
by Molerat102 March 07, 2009
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