The practice of willingly and consistently walking without footwear of any kind, mostly outdoors or in everyday life, as a sporting activity, to improve health conditions of feet, ankles, legs, circulatory and immune system and mood or as a fashion statement, just for pleasure or even as a whole philosophy of life. There are several groups of individuals fond of barefooting promoting all over the world this activity and striving to remove the almost ubiquitous biases about barefooting -commonly regarded as hazardous, unhealthy or unacceptable upon written or non written dress codes-, to gain tolerance for this lifestyle, spread the consciousness about the benefits of barefooting and make adepts.

The term also applies to Barefoot skiing, the sport practice of water skiing behind a motorboat without the use of water skis, called "barefooting" for short.
In Germany there are several parks dedicated to barefooting.
by jagerhans October 10, 2009
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To confess ones love for someone elses girlfriend, with total disregard to the fact that her boyfriend is in the other room.

Did you see Kameron over there barefooting Jeremy's girlfriend....that shit was terrible...by the end of the night everyone knew Kameron was trying too hard and that sooner or later, Jeremy was going to beat his ass.
by Kam842 September 05, 2007
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To travel internationally for extended periods volunteering your time at different charities.
people who use guides from www.barefootatlas.com to travel and do good work while they are abroad are barefooting
by Sam2k October 18, 2011
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