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This is when a man is so consumed with getting ass from his girlfriend, it's all he can think about. He's "blind" to everything else around him, because in his mind, he just wants that pussy or "puss." Symptoms of "blinded by the puss" include not picking up the phone when your boy's call (because you are with your girl), not wanting to do anything but nest in the house with your girl, buying your girl anything and everything she wants, catering to your girl's schedule at ALL times, and always being on call for anything your girl wants to do. You basically become a variation of a zombie (only doing what your girl wants you to do). This is a variation of "pussy whipped."
Dude # 1 : What's the deal with your boy not wanting to hang out anymore?...That guy used to be awesome to hang around...what gives?

Dude # 2 : Dude, he's so "blinded by the puss" that he can't think straight anymore.
by Kam842 October 10, 2007
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To confess ones love for someone elses girlfriend, with total disregard to the fact that her boyfriend is in the other room.

Did you see Kameron over there barefooting Jeremy's girlfriend....that shit was terrible...by the end of the night everyone knew Kameron was trying too hard and that sooner or later, Jeremy was going to beat his ass.
by Kam842 September 05, 2007
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Flocking : The act of a male driving at extreme speeds on the interstate (90-125 mph), so he can nest up with his girlfriend as quickly as possible, after not seeing her for a few days, since they live in seperate towns/cities. This occurs EVERY weekend (usually on a Friday afternoon after he gets off of work), and can resemble that of a continuous path that a flock of birds would take each year in migration. Hince the word "flocking".

Guy in car getting passed on interstate (said to Girlfriend in driver's side seat) : Did you just see that guy fly by us like that? ....whoa!...where was he going?

Girlfriend : That guy is blinded by the puss....he's flocking so hard that he's "too tough to tame", like Darlington speedway.
by Kam842 October 09, 2007
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A sweater that has a zipper. The zipper is attached to the garment at the mid-chest or higher.
Guy 1 : Dude, check out that Persian's sweater...does it have a zipper?

Guy 2: Yeah dude it's not a sweater....that's a sweet zweater!
by Kam842 December 07, 2008
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The act of dating someone in another town/city, and only hanging out with them on the weekends (Friday through Sunday). You are required to do this all weekend, every weekend. The two people engaged in kipping can not be seperated for more than 30 minutes, without at least seeing each other, or getting a telephone call. This act is very common in the South.
Guy # 1 - Where's your boy at?

Guy # 2 - Man...I haven't seen that dude in like a year...he's so busy kipping, he doesn't even know who we are anymore.
by Kam842 September 06, 2007
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