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Barbora is NOT a Barbie. She's a girl from either Slovak or Czech Republic. A very delightful person, whom people are lucky to have in their lives. She's very independent, smart, with good sense of humor. If you have a Barbora for a friend, you can be sure she will always be there for you but in return expects the same. She can be very supportive and compromise-ready. However, her sweetness goes away once you act inappropriate or unfair to her or her beloved ones. Barbora is a quite responsible person though there is a child's soul within her, that craves for crazy, spontaneous action. Once in love, Barbora can be the perfect girlfriend - caring, understanding and fun to be around. All in all, if you have a Barbora, don't let her go!
by *brownie* February 03, 2010
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Barbora comes from Slovakia or Czech Republic and celebrates Names Day on 4th of December. There's a few Barboras I know but this one is dedicated to only one of them. This chick is highly admired by people around her for being spontaneous and always fun to hang around with. On the other side there's a very sensitive and caring side of her, that only a few lucky people get to know. And once you get to know her better, you'll feel lucky you've met such a wonderful human being. She's also very responsible and pretty good at organising things and I believe she would make a great mother. Not to mention that she's the best girlfriend you could ever imagine. Loving, caring, playful, funny, a bit crazy, beautiful, intelligent, smart and hundreds of other positive adjectives I can't think about right now - what more could you ask for ? She enjoys going to the movies alone and playing a game called Pexeso, which she's the best at actually. Whether she's your friend, girlfriend, family member or in other way related to you, you're a lucky person you've met her. CrazySexyCool chick with pretty blue eyes.
Hi Barbora, would you like to play a game of Pexeso ?
by Okťip August 29, 2010
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looks cute but is bad ass - not mess with her. on the outside carefree but inside is really caring. loves puppies, food and sleep. 50% of time really funny and crazy 50% of time quiet and shy.
by fianceee September 01, 2018
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A blond chick, with tight buns and curves that a black man cant resist checking out. A white guy would get on it too though.
The black man was taking snap shots of barbora's buttocks, which he later laminated onto his bed sheets.
by Michelle Michaels February 05, 2008
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