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"Yo, ha-ha
I wanna talk to the fellas for a minute
I want y'all to know
The flyest kinda ho
To get wit'
In '94, or period
She's CrazySexyCool
I'ma let y'all know what that be
Ha, she's kinda like me
Wouldn't y'all like a girl
Who has a nice sense of humor
That can kick it, make you laugh
Then on the other side
In the bedroom
Whip that thang on
Ya know what I'm sayin'
But uh, when it's time to kick it, with the fellas
She can roll, get her stroll on
Ya know what I mean
So that be like me
And Chilli, and Left Eye right
Yeah, CrazySexyCool
I get dat
Y'all share too
Ha ha"
Tom- what do you know about that girl over there?
Josh- Not only is she foine, but she's CrazySexyCool as well.
Tom- Sweet.
by Samantha csc August 22, 2006
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These women are the women that all men should look for. When a women is CRAZYSEXYCOOL it means that she's crazy and fun to be around with, sexy meaning she takes care of herself and is great in the bedroom, and cool meaning that she has your back and sometimes just wants to kick it with you at a poetry club and just wants to talk about life and her future. You should always check yourself before messing up with a CRAZYSEXYCOOL women because they're hard to find now-a-days and the one you messed up with could've been the your partner for life.
John- Hello may I ask what's your name?
Lisa- My name is Lisa and yours?
John- My name is John and I couldn't help noticing how CRAZYSEXYCOOL you are and I was wondering do you wanna go out sometime?
Lisa- I don't even know who you are, John.
John- Right.... well umm... here's my card, call me sometime

* John gives buisness card to Lisa *

Lisa- Sure, I'll give you a car Mr. Williams
John- * Laughing * yep, that's me.
Lisa- * Laughing * I got to go now. Bye.
John- Bye
Lisa- Bye

*Lisa calls John a week later and they learn about
each other and eventually build a realtionship.
On Lisa's 25th birthday ( 1 year later )
John proposes to her. They eventually get
married and have a couple of kids. And live
happily ever after*

The end.

by Alasyia December 21, 2006
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When you see something of such astonishing brillance, that one word will not describe what you have just experineced. Therefore, two more words are added, and you get Crazy-Sexy-Cool. This is also known as the Untimate Combo. Can be used to describe any noun, but nothing about the object your are describing can be typical, or it's not Crazy-Sexy-Cool.
*Hottest girl walks by*

Alex- Did you see her?!?!?!?
Jon- Yeah, what was that??
Aaron- That is what you call crazy-sexy-cool my friends. Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by Airren February 03, 2010
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an attractive gurl with a personality like a man in other words my best friend leelee (or ashley kaczmarek). sum1 u can have tons of fun with either in the real word or in bed lol not a drama queen like most girls not afrain of a good time!
"hey james who is that crazy-sexy-cool gurl u had over here last nite?"

"that was leelee"
by monsiuerjamesxx January 13, 2007
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