A person who often goes to bars or lounges
Every evening Penny goes to Lucifer's. She's quite a bar fly.
by VAKI5 May 9, 2005
A drinker who frequents a bar or tavern, and who drinks alcoholic beverages to excess.
Suzanne a local bar fly, would flirt with any guy whom she thought might buy her a drink.
Fat Chris was the local Bar Fly at Copelands Bar, drinking fist fulls of Vodka and hitting on all the women.
I meet Anne at Copelands Bar, a stylish educated women whom hardly looked the bar fly type,so I asked her out on a date.
by LuNaKiTa March 28, 2004
A woman who spends most of her time at a bar trying to pick up men and have them buy her drinks, trying do decide which one she'll let take her home for the night.

Term comes from the woman sitting down and rubbing her hands in greed as a man buys her a drink and suddenly buzzes off to a different man, all the while flirting and becoming increasingly drunk.
She looks like she's been up since last night - probably a bar fly.
by aj the tender December 12, 2010
A heavy drinking woman with a mom face but milf-like qualities such as a nice rack and a small ass. Can be surprisingly tight in the vagina. Will deny being a bar fly.
"I'm not some cheap bar fly you can use for street squish."
by king of graphics January 13, 2007
He was no bar fly but he did have had an awful lot of alcohol at his house.
A bar fly is a sleezy woman that hangs out at bars with no other intent but to hook up with a man for the night. Bar flies normally leave a wet stain or mark on bar stools. They are disgusting whores.
einZtein went out bar hopping to find himself a bar fly to have sex with
by sid hoff-frenchmen November 14, 2004
particularly sleazy man who spends a lot of time in bars trying to pick up strange woman
at last call the bar flies practically swarm every female in the room, so they can bring a piece of ass home.
by elena August 6, 2004