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Being permanently banned or removed from an online web forum. Usually the result of excessive abuse of forum rules.
Any forum users who have usernames that include hate speech will face bannination at the hands of the admin.
by Joe January 25, 2005
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1. Online news aggregate site where users can submit articles and compose humorous headlines to accompany them. Community-moderated. Permits NSFW entries that would cause submitters to be banned elsewhere, thus the name.
2. Destination for mass-exodus from heavy-handed moderators at Fark.
I submitted a NSFW photoshop contest to banniNation. Entries are due in two days.
by BlueGargoyle May 17, 2007
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A collection of users banned from (usually for being mindless trolls and blatantly abusing the terms of service) created a website where they could discuss (read "sandbox fight about") abortion, creationism, politics and Drew Curtis' alignment with Satan repeatedly on a daily, and often bi-daily basis. Most stories submitted and "front paged" appeared on sites not frequented by a 90% double-digit IQ audience such as,, and days, and even weeks earlier. The low number of users means that submission requires a low number of votes to be "front paged" , therefore a submitter only need to e-mail a few friends asking for them to "vote up" their submission, therefore exposing the submission to a much larger audience of possibly 50 people (if it's raining in Alabama) . Users of bN have been known to create websites devoted to exposing the "fraud" and "conspiracy" behind, one going as far as to state that had been purchased by a large media corporation, and that this was being covered up by Drew Curtis, then owner and creator of This statement was debunked when the source was proven to be hilariously fake.
As an addendum, not one user of banniNation will admit to being permanently banned from They all quit of their own free will. They also have a habit of attempting to skew criticism by voting negatively on opposing views on the website
To conclude, banniNation is much like The Shawshank Redemption, but with more anal rape.
"Let's go to the beach and kick sand in the faces of the bannination users. No wait, they're already doing that themselves. Let's get some ice cream."
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A collection of internet community exiles, most notably from Fark, who left their previous sites due to heavy-handed moderators that didn't appreciate their brilliant posts to Goatse or didn't feel loved enough and made a hissyfit after the Fark redesign. Forums are a combination of Fark and /b/, and the website format is a near-copy of Fark.
The redesign insulted my religion and robbed me of my dignity. I'm going to
by supdude789 June 05, 2007
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Why would I want to see a bunch of people so stupid they couldn't follow basic rules on a website? Oh, let me guess- the fark mods ate your baby, pee'd in your bed and the are so gosh diddly, doodly-diddly BAD! I am very glad you idiots have a place to meet. Whopping 250 members- mark my works- you won't be over 750 in 3 months. That's if this crap site even last this long. Hey, go post ANOTHER thread about why you don't like Drew Curtis. What's that? 99 of the 100 'threads' you have now? You'll all be begging to come back to his site. Some one mentioned posting this crap on SA. Please, please, please come over. We will love it. This needs its own spot in GBS.
bannination knows your mom
by bake420 February 04, 2010
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