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A term used to describe a particular piece of smug, over-the-top, excessive or needlessly flashy piece of art or metaphor designed to convey a simplistic or obvious message in a needlessly 'wowy' way.

The term is derived from 'Thanks Mr Bansky'(referring to the artist of that name) to create the phrase 'thank mr banky', but simplified with poor spelling and lack of proper grammar to better reflect the snarky nature of the term.
"This piece of art is very banky"
"The message is obvious, this is just a banky image"
(In response to a banky image) "Thank mr banky"
by Pele_Utharil April 09, 2017
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A large hairy Indian who slaps his belly for the sake of spontaneous happiness and excitement.
Please stop slapping your belly, Banky. You might get a tummy rash!
by dinkers March 06, 2009
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Bankies is a nickname for the Banquet Beer. Coors Original. For some reason, once you turn 30, it tastes better.

It takes over the crown from the King of Beers because hey, how many kings do you know? Zero. How many banquets have you been to once you hit 30? More than zero. You can drink Bankies before 30, they just won't taste as good. I'd wait.
"I'll take a couple of Bankies if you got 'em."
"I don't know what a Bankie is."
"It's a banquet beer."
"I don't know what a banquet beer is."
"Then you shouldn't be a bartender."
by Marina Man July 03, 2013
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a fine female with a nice booty, and breast. A man will call a girl BANKY because of her body
We was at the mall and this banky walked by, i was like damnnnn.
by amy blakeney November 02, 2007
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A minor spank or grab n' squeeze
Noah gave Adam a Banky because he told the world about his relationships with Jerry Springer.
by Guy Lombardo February 23, 2005
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