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When a woman who is wearing see-through pants with no underwear bends at the waist revealing her vagina. It looks like a bank robber wearing panty hose to conceal their identity.
{Mike} Check it out - Meghan is the getaway driver to that bank robber.
{Dave} God bless armed robbery.
by TheMuttonMan September 27, 2012
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student from Lehigh University who loses ~$4000 through online poker and proceeds to attempt to rob a bank to pay off his debt (unsuccessfully).
Lehigh University Sophmore Charged With Bank Robbery
Police Say Fraternity Brothers In Getaway Car
A class president (Greg Hogan) at Lehigh University has been arrested and charged with bank robbery.
by bank January 24, 2006
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When you take your ballsack and stretch it out on someone's face like a ski mask
Last night Anderson made me a bank robber
by LAZY DAVE November 27, 2017
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