A job pulled by at least minimum 4 people, a driver crowd control and bagger are required. If someone tries and fails their first time *cough* cough* dye pack *cough* I mean, everybody has to start somewhere, right?
by pseudonym ツ October 19, 2020
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Where a bank steals money from its customers by numerous and excessively high fees.
Guy1: The bank charged me thirty dollars for a stagnant money fee. What the hell is a stagnant money fee?
Guy2: Its called bank robbery.
by judge dredd7 August 31, 2012
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A male getting in out of a girl as quick as possible and leaving without caring at all about their feelings.
A male and a female have sex but it is very, very quick, and the male starts to leave...
Female not being pleasured: "What about me?"
Mele: "Fuck you! This is bank robbery!"
by BMizzle June 27, 2005
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Where you rob a bank passing along a nice note. something like "my name is Ted, please give me all the money in this establishment." It isn't illegal because whoever gives u the money is actually robbing the bank, you are just asking for it nicely.
Did you hear about that bank robbery last night? It was a Canadian bank robbery, they said the thief was a super nice and personable guy.
by BigDaddyTeddyBear July 11, 2018
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A beggar walk into a bank asking for free money, If u dont give it ur done.
A guy do a bank robbery and polices dont do shit about it
by missingno_kekw March 6, 2022
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