Where you go to get a major in making money and minor in binge drinking.

6) False we drink every night. Sorry you didn't get a bid
I'd probably be a high school English teacher without my Lehigh University education
by Slambda December 31, 2013
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1) A Top ranked engineering college, also home to 15 Electron microscopes, there is no other place in the country that can boast that
2) #3 party school in the Nation, yet also the 32nd best academic university in the Nation (and on its way up)
3) best damn beirut players if the world
4) even if i do go to college off my father's coin, i am still getting two degrees for the price of one, so it balances out
5) school on the side of a mountain, which is the cause of the sexiness of all the ladies
6) im from chicago, how could i have New Jersey tags on my car?
7) one more thing, people who cant win a special olympics spelling bee dont have a mean ACT score of 29 and mean SAT score of 1300 so get off your high horse and stop whining about the fact that lehigh was too good for someone like you
if my father didn't pay $43,000 a year for me to go to Lehigh University, he would be driving a Z-8 right now, but instead he has to live with the Z-4.
by MjsussAEPi March 6, 2006
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A school students go to if they wanna get an amazing education, party all the time, and get a job that pays serious gwaps after college.
"Yo dude, I heard you got a job at Goldman Sachs?"

"Yeah I owe it all to Lehigh University. They have serious connections at the banking firms in New York and gave me an amazing education."
by Mos Def1111 August 30, 2009
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1) A Special Olympic Spelling Bee, eh? We can at least spell "waste" correctly.
2) Our engineering program is damn near the top.
3) Stereotype much?
4) Are you bitter for a reason? Or just because you're poor?
5) I rather enjoy being on Daddy's coin. There's nothing wrong with my father being able to pay for my education.
I didn't get into Lehigh University, so I'm stuck at some public school.
by miketinte November 11, 2004
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Lehigh is a preppy, eastern PA school for rich kids from Jersey, NY, and Connecticutt. The Uniform is pastel colored Polos, Audis, and Livestrong Bracelets. If you don't have dark, worn-in jeans and a North Face fleece you don't belong. These Metrosexuals can kiss my fucking ass. Classes are irrelevant most of these kids could fail a special olympic spelling bee. Beruit or simply "Ruit" is the thursday through Saturday ritual. The Hill boasts drinking parties for preppy frat fuckers and bitchy sorostitutes. Going to one of these places is the best way to get laid. People come here to drink on mommy and daddys coin for 4+ years. If your here for sports or an education, your waisting your life. Belligerence and debauchery make up and ideal Friday night. Girls to Guys its 4:6 and many are fatties, wear too much makeup or stroll to class in ugly sweats to cover up their freshman 15. Only a few hotties so wait till they're drunk and slutty to get some. Winter brings car accidents for morons who think they're indestructible in their BMW 325xi's with Jersey plates. Haha.
Typical Mon-Wed: Irrelevant
Typical Thursday night: Drink beer somewhere, wake up somewhere, go to class fhungover or don't go
Typical Friday night: Drink Beer somewhere: Get a few hours sleep, then morning cocktails, then tailgates, skip the game to prep for saturday night.
Typical Saturday night: Drink all night sleep all sunday.
by Drunkasauraussrex October 25, 2004
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When you want to go to Lafayette College, but you're not up to their moral standards. Lehigh is the place for you if you like Lafayette, but want the constant fear of being mugged in your daily life. Lehigh gets its name from the French term for getting high, which is a name the school regularly lives up to. Students are known for partying and not for academics. Maybe they do some studying, but I high-le doubt it.
Bill: Hey Johnny, you got good grades. You should go to Lafayette College!

Johnny: I would, but I'm an asshole, so I'm going to Lehigh University.
by itsmyjackinabox September 11, 2016
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Lehigh is hell on earth if you are a minority. Be prepared to be stared at, have things yelled at you, and have to hear racist, sexist, and homophobic comments on a daily basis. There is no one to turn to either. Lehigh is aware of what is done to minorities and does nothing about it. This year someone skinned an animal head and left it in front of the UMOJA house. I've recieved death threats since i've been at lehigh and they just brushed it off. The faculty is pretty good but the majority of the student body are close minded, sheltered, spoiled, ignorant, rich white kids who have grown up in a bubble. They are OBSESSED with alcohol. THEY LIVE FOR IT. If you are not an alcoholic you're going to have a difficult time fitting in or having fun. All they do every weekend is play drinking games (sit in a basement playing with balls and cups) The student body is very homogeneous and is not accepting of people that are different. It is an ultra conservative environment. It's very hard to come across real or accepting people and those that are here are getting the hell out. I know four people that are transferring this year and I don't blame them. I would if I could but I'm stuck here (financial aid).

Campus is pretty dull. There's not much to do. The surrounding city is boring as hell. We're ranked in the top ten of the most boring college towns. One good thing about the campus is that it is beautiful. It's very scenic and peaceful. The only bad thing about the actual campus is that we are literally on a mountain. Freshmans can't have cars so you have to walk up and down it to get to class and back and forth.
Lehigh University is drinking at night.
Lehigh University is hungover in the morning.
Lehigh University is heaven for preppy frat boys and blonde slutty girls.
Lehigh University is hell for those who are black, brown or asian.
by Lehigh Student March 20, 2008
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