A song that makes your asses cry. Sang by Taylor Swift.
A song that is pure bop.
Hey! Have you heard the song Getaway Car?
Nope, I'm not yet finished listening to all the songs in 'reputation'
by Buyreputationbois December 3, 2017
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A metaphor for a situation in which someone finally gets away from an unwanted partner. Someone who has found a rebound after a breakup, may have used that rebound as a Getaway car.

A Getaway Car is usually a vehicle that criminals use to get away after they commit a crime. To a person who wants to leave an unhappy relationship, any excuse and circumstance can be used as a getaway car, such as pregnancy from an ex, emotional unavailability, or supposed death of a family member.

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift coined this version of the term on her 2017 song Getaway Car.
“You really used your pregnancy from an ex as a Getaway Car to leave the person you’re currently seeing?”

“You cheated on your partner? That’s the perfect Getaway Car!!”
by partylikeits1989 October 22, 2020
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A getaway car is a vehicle on which robbers flee the scene of a crime.
They were looking for some tool to drive the getaway car.
The loot was stashed in the trunk of the getaway car.
by alexk8 June 3, 2011
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the unique vehicle designated for a bride and groom to get away from the wedding
I rented a Bentley as our getaway car to take us to the airport after our wedding
by Notbray February 25, 2019
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