banging is the term often used by English people for sex, it is often pronounced bangin'
note: men can't bang other men and women can't bang other women
last night i went out for some bangin' and i banged 3 girls
by CameronG July 19, 2005
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A very good brand of marijuana. Usually used on the east coast. Basically a synonym for chronic.
Friend 1: Yo you good?

Friend 2: What you need?

Friend 1: I need a 20, what kind you got

Friend 2: I got some bangings, I can get you a g for 25

Friend 1: Ight
by Saint Acai January 02, 2010
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a general exclamation of happiness, joy or shock. Often used by simpletons who know nothing better.
'you're proper banging mate'
by drunkymonkey March 05, 2005
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1) Something is awesome and great. Or you enjoyed something.
2) Something is nasty and you wanna make it heard.
1) The party last night was banging!
That tasted banging

2) Damnn your breath is banging
Her phone is banging.
by Mollzyy February 19, 2008
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to bang an old birds nips/tits whilst using an up and down motion with da hand e.g ali g's booyakasha
o my god that mans banging in street!
by daz May 14, 2003
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