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The term originated in Iloilo City, Philippines. It means using the funds of one candidate to benefit their rival canditates. Turning one's own political contributions against oneself by deception and giving the contributed funds to a rival candidate(s). A double whammy.
Political Prostitution is rife in Iloilo City especially during elections.
by Cyclonetrading November 25, 2021
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"Cheater," feminine gender. For masculine, chupitero. Chupitera is a noun meaning someone who cheats, especially in money matters involving business transactions.
Watch out for that smooth talking woman, she is a chupitera.
by Cyclonetrading March 28, 2022
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Dunbartonshire Complex means having that state of mind thinking association with or living with people from Dunbartonshire, Scotland makes one dumb.
Oprah refuses to live in Dumbarton. She has Dunbartonshire Complex.
by Cyclonetrading July 7, 2021
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Lopez Vito or LV is a Trademark of Martin Soriano. It was used successfully as a defense against Bernard Arnault of LVMH or Louis Vuitton Paris. Please refer to LEXOLOGY. Martin Soriano has also been selling fragrances in America and Canada BEFORE 2016, and is "first-to-use" of LV TRADEMARK in the United States and Canada. Lopez-Vito is a family name and a Barangay or a political unit in San Joaquin, Iloilo, PHILIPPINES.
Lopez Vito or LV is a town in the Philippines.
by Cyclonetrading December 30, 2022
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Grabe to mga taga Davao. Puro cold room sila. Di marunong mag diskarte.
by Cyclonetrading July 7, 2021
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Hosto or husto (Filipino) is from the word host. Also HARVATERO. It means a male GRO in a nightclub in Japan or a male Geisha to be specific. A night-shift worker in general.
by Cyclonetrading June 22, 2021
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Husto is a Filipinized word from Host or Hosto, in Japan, a male, night-club entertainer which can also be referred to as a Harvatero.
Jake works as a husto (hosto) or harvatero in Tokyo.
by Cyclonetrading June 22, 2021
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