When several members in a cam model's room (Goddess) tip one token continuously till her entire chat wall is filled with tips in order to win her affections.
We better make an offering to the Goddess Scarlett_Vera to make sure she stays happy!
by Eh_fuckoff January 7, 2019
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VERB: To present something for someone to accept or decline at their own free will.

NOUN: An proposition to perform or give something if someone wishes so.
VERB: "I have nothing to 'offer' you other than this money."

NOUN:. "He refused my 'offer' to help him pay for it."
by leb199079 February 25, 2019
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off key or not right: music, peoples minds etc..
what you're doing ain't right brv its offers/ you're offers..
by rok it science September 7, 2006
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Meaning off of something. For example to stop taking drugs. Mainly used by South London 'yout'!
Nah man, im offers all dat stuff.

Nah bruv, i dont blaze no more, im offers all dat stuff.
by W Malker August 11, 2005
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An aggressive offer for a property, particularly one made out for an amount far above the asking price and way before the date that offers are to be officially accepted. A tactic some house buyers use in order to bypass the bidding war. Also is known as a pre-emptive offer.
Man! This city's real estate market is really hot! So don't wait until the date the seller asks for to make an offer. Because if you don't make an early bully offer, some other buyers will.
by infomillionaire December 3, 2009
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Trade offer from a meme and it became a meme for trading something
I receive Nothing
You receive a good word
by Nicecuu May 31, 2021
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