One who frequently enjoys galavanting in a band-like environment, which includes but is not limited to, the band room, the football field, technique block, on a bus with a multitude of other fellow band members, and usually in a dark closet practicing music. Activities include playing, whistling, humming, playing, walking in a penguin-like manner, playing, wearing the most fashionable form of overalls, and playing. Those students of the band variety typically inbreed within the close quarters of their band room, mating to the sounds of g minor scales and tri-tones. (Band directors have tried but cannot prevent this historic practice). In their natural environment, band members can typically be found on friday nights on the football field caged in like zoo animals, desperately begging for the attention of their ashamed peers, and playing things nobody seems to care about nor understands.

In short, every school has them.
Oh look they're showing the band geek exhibit! Just don't tap the glass or they might become hostile and jazz run as a stampede.
by FluteInTheGhetto September 12, 2010
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A very unique and interesting specimen who is not only highly skilled in the art of seduction, sexual satisfying and love making but also a Wiz when it comes to anything and everything about School adn academics.

A Genius in the room and in the classroom.
Guy - Man, that girl I did last night got some serious skillz! I think I even damn learned a thing or two.

Girl - Well of course, she's a Band Geek.
by Mashed Potato Soup January 10, 2009
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You know you're a band geek if:
1. You secretly look down on all those not in band
2. You like to make fun of choir kids
3. The songs you're learning in band tend to get stuck in your head ALL DAY
4. Band is your favourite class of the day
5. A lot of your stories start with "Remember that time in band when..."
6. You can play more than one instrument
7. You will fight to the death to defend band if someone makes fun of you for being in it
8. You KNOW band is awesome and no one can tell you otherwise!

However, there is still prejudice amongst the band geeks. There are the uppity, 'too cool' kids who only took band because they thought it'd be an easy class, but they don't really count as band geeks. Then there are the kids (usually asian) who practise all the time and are AMAZING, but keep to themselves and usually don't talk at all. Then there are the rest of the geeks, who come in all shapes sizes colours and abilities.
Choir kid: "Ew band..."
Band geek: "STFU you choir queer!"
by Jonty! October 26, 2011
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A band geek is someone who everyday of their lives, is thinking about marching band. Who everyday during third period play their show instead of paying attention to the class. A band geek, is someone who embraces the fact that they ARE a band geek. a Band geek is someone who will fight at every practice with their best friend, and be best friends again the next day! Because all band geeks, especially drummers, think they are always right!
Chritopher: Were Colleen and Hillary fighting again?

William: Yep I think they were.

Christopher: Then why are they hugging now?

William: They are band geeks!

Christopher: Yeah!
by Colliferferfrous November 02, 2007
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someone, like myself, whose in band and should be able to play the music. usually someone whose breathes band 24/7. most likely one of the best players of the section (like myself). band geeks are truely dedicated to their school band and will boo other bands.
those band geeks are so talented.
by band rox May 12, 2006
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1. the bandhall is their 2nd home
2.the good ones arnt geeks, but very talented smart, sometimes popular
3. glare if choir, theatre, or non-band people are in their hall
4. theres are at least 2 freshman whores
5.tend to get horny on busses and trips
6.about 50% get high 2 or more times a day
7.can change their clothes in front of others without a care
8.misses lots of school
9. principal is thier bitch
10. used to passing out, blacking out, spending 8 hrs in the hot summer w/o food or water
The fact that all band kids are geeks is definitly a sterotype, as i am not.
This one time at band camp
by I dunno what is my name? November 22, 2004
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someone who lives for band... monday band tuesday band wednesday band... thurday band... and guess what friday and saturday... band.... wait no band on sunday what do i do?
a frech horn player in the bhs band (katie michales) trst me she is the definition of band geek!
by tuba123 October 29, 2009
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