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1. Someone who continually talks about band to whoever would listen, whether it is complaining or bragging. As long as it's about band then they're happy.

2. Someone who sits at the "band table" in the school lunchroom with their other band geek friends.

3. Someone who calls the band room their home, and have cried at the end of every school year because when the seniors graduate it's like losing some of their own family members.

4. Someone who knows that the football field was really made for marching band, because they're the only people who do something good on the field.

5. Someone who can turn just about anything dirty because of all the innuendos you can have with playing an instrument.

6. If you had drumsticks you could be entertained for hours by just playing that music you have running through your head.
Band Geek Innuendos:

What position is that?

Do you want to practice tonguing after school?

Don't blow too hard into your instrument.

You need to finger that better.

I could bang on that drum all day.
by bandgeekpoet October 06, 2008
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