1) a situation that is so involved and interwoven which is basically impossible to be fully extricated
2) Something which is so obvious or basically impossible to avoid
3) already reflected in a stock's market price by the expected information such as projected earning or unconfirmed news report
A serious global recession is baked in the cake
The dilemma of long-lasting unemployment rate is baked in the cake
The interest hike at the Fed's next meeting is baked in the cake
by vanderpol September 5, 2010
When a woman has sexual intercourse with a man, she is being baked in the cake. Used often as a derogatory statement by lesbians or gays to describe this act.
Careful girls don't be late some of us already getting baked in the cake!
-Sarah "Jessica" Parker in the broadway musical Sex and the City
by Kittridge August 22, 2008
To curl one up, drop the kids off or lay cable is also to "Bake a Welsh Cake".

It ALWAYS takes 20 minutes or more to bake a welsh cake.
Can I borrow that magazine for 20 mins Trev? I've got a nearly-baked welsh cake to get out.
by Judster October 16, 2004
Those comments on his FB page, make me want to bake a foam cake.
by cubudman March 31, 2012
-A sexual innuendo
-Have sex with you
Carrie said to Tim in a seductive voice "Come to my house later and i'll bake you a cake" then winked.
by empresshearts April 22, 2008