A Mountain Dew drink available, strangely enough, only at taco bell and tastes like a mixture of the short lived soda Pepsi Blue, regular Mountain Dew, ecstasy, Sweet Tarts, and Surge. Has a bluish-green tint.
baja blast is a tropical lemon lime storm.
by crackstar May 28, 2007
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when you make a scene at taco bell so your wife divorces you
i pulled a baja blast yesterday and now im single
by stamos!! May 27, 2019
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To beef while skateboarding so hard it causes you to lose your job.
homicide was doing some sick flips on his way to work, but he baja blasted himself into the unemployment office. Taco Bell doesn't care if you have a concussion, you're still a half hour late to your shift.
by .tee. April 2, 2014
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The good-natured, almost inebriated feeling after drinking a Baja Blast from Taco Bell. Causes one to stumble, laugh, and chill in large quantities for only a couple bucks.
Tom: Dude, I wanna have fun tonight but I only have like 2 bucks

Carter: Well shit man, lets get fucking Baja Blasted!
by DaddiSqueeze September 30, 2011
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To end an otherwise hot shower with a thorough rinse using only cold water
"Wow, you look so energized and alert after your shower."
"Nothing like a Baja Blast to get you going in the morning."
by VocabernetSauvignon July 20, 2020
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1. A blue-green, sweet, lime-flavored Mountain Dew available only at Taco Bell (until 2014 when first released in bottles and cans for the summer and permanently discontinued in stores in 2016)
2. A liquid foodgasm; a drinkgasm, if you will
1. I'll have a steak quesadilla and a large Baja Blast please.

2. Guy 1: *cums*
Guy 2: Dude, did you just cream your jeans?
Guy 1: Yeah. I was drinking a Baja Blast.
Guy 2: Oh, you had a drinkgasm.
Guy 1: Hell yeah bro!
by daz14lpa August 4, 2017
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