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Badderz is a girl that sucks a penis.
Stacey: guess what I did?
Lucy: what?
Stacey: I sucked johnnys dick
Lucy: eww Stacey your a badderz
Stacey: shut up your mums a badderz all them time u walked into her on her knees *praying* news flash she was sucking your dads dick. Bye bitch.
by FartHead. May 14, 2016
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A girl who is tricked into thinking that they are there “mans” girl when really they were just flirted with for benefits I.e uck , noddy or sex
Friend of roadman: is that charlie? Are yu cuffed
Roadman: are you buzzing me cuff her nah she’s just my badderz
by Happybananas May 15, 2018
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