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The act of using one's super-awesome bacon ray.
When baconating, one shoots another with a fiery hot beam of baconey goodness (bacon grease included.)

What the Baconator does.
"Prepare to be baconated!!!"
"I am going to baconate you."
by JewC May 28, 2008
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To add bacon to a food to either enhance flavor, or add flavor.
Though baconating various foods may enhance flavor, it is still unhealthy.
Who wants to live to be 88 though, seriously?
To "baconate" a salad, would be to add bacon bits, or simply add strips of bacon.

Homer Simpson, in an episode of the The Simpsons, baconated just about everything he ate, such as wrapping his breakfast sausage in bacon, which is a true example of baconating.
by Gman of the Q April 17, 2009
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