n. A UK prison slang term. its an umbrella term for grasses (informants), nonces (pedophiles and rapists).
Prisoner 1: "Did you hear what Bob did today when the bacons were out in the C block exercise yard?

Prisoner 2: "No, what happened?"

Prisoner 1: "He threw the contents of his slops bucket out his window all over a group of them walking underneath."

Prisoner 2: "HAHAHAHAHA, serves them right the scum-filth-bastards that they are. They gonna stink for a week!!"

Or: "When that bacon 'Jimmy-the -grass' comes out of his cell for association today, plug him with this shank"
by IFFY January 26, 2015
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Oh sweet bacon that comes from above,
You had me at hello – it was pure piggy love.
You are everything I need or wanted in a meat.
With you sweet lover on my tongue, I feel so darn complete.
I love to watch you sizzle and pop on that grill.
Your oozing fat’s delicious, your texture is a thrill.
You get along with everyone but can stand on your own.
If taste was a kingdom, you’d have a porky throne.
I come before you now to get down on my knee.
If you say yes, dear Bacon, I’d just die in jubilee.
I’d love you till forever, I’d never say goodbye.
The day I’d stop loving is the day that piglets fly.
bacon doesn't need to be defined
by HJIL December 04, 2017
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Someone who gives another person attitude.

An agitated disturbance.

To bring drama
Don't come into my house with bacon all up in yo face.


How dare you raise your voice at me? This is a library, stupid! Don't bring your bacon in hurr.
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
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A slang term for an overly atttractive female. Used to not be obvious when checking out said female.
"Check out that bacon!"
"4 'o clock"
"Ooo nice"
by Torzala Sedlar October 03, 2006
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the Desert Eagle of meat products.
Jimmy: "mom what are we having for dinner?"
Mom: "bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips, and.....this gun." *pulls out desrt eagle*
by The last dodo July 25, 2011
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A vastly over-appreciated slab of what I assume was once pig, with more fat than one would like to contemplate. Smells somewhat appealing between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning, but only because the nose isn't working to it's full potential at those hours.

Tastes incredibly disappointing, especially considering the hype surrounding it. After tasting it, the average person is inclined to think about who in their right mind would worship such a thing. The correct answer is, of course, the adolescent male, who will worship just about anything served to him on a plate.
Bacon Lover (to large group of fellow bacon lovers): Brethren, come view this monstrosity with me.

Bacon Lover (to Bacon Resenter): BACON!

Bacon Resenter (while vomiting): Curse you!

Large group of bacon lovers: *simultaneous gasp*
by Charlotte Jane April 06, 2010
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1. noun A local town douche-bag that can be found in Oshkosh, WI; known primarily for his Youtube videos and local towns hijinks. Often referred to solely by his last name.
"Have you seen Bacon's latest video where he makes outrageous beer pong shots?"
by Oshkosh Fan August 20, 2008
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