It’s any email you receive that isn’t spam, but isn’t exactly a personal message either. Your electronic phone bill is bacn. Your Google alerts are bacn.

Bacn. It’s better than spam.

Coined by Chris Brogan
When you receive email that Geek is now following you on Twitter and Jennifer Gold just wrote on your Facebook wall, that’s bacn (pronounced “bacon”).
by Zzaphod1 August 22, 2007
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Low-priority email that is somewhere between the spam & personal email that enters your inbox every day. Examples include account alerts, newsletters, payment receipts and twitter requests. Bacn differentiates itself from spam in that it's email that you probably want to receive, but just don't have the time to deal with right now, and it has become an increasing problem in the age of web 2.0 & online social networking.

The term was coined by folks at the PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 Conference on or around August 19th, 2007.

More info here:
Joe: Dude, I missed my brother's bar mitzvah because I spent the day reading through all the bacn in my inbox.

Danny: You're such a tool.

Joe: Can't... stop. Too weak... to manage alerts. Must... label... auto-archive... cut the fat.
by akshay_s August 23, 2007
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Bacn, pronounced 'bacon', is "Notifications you want, but not right now."

Moreover, it's those e-mails you get from sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, Viddler), that you want, but don't really have time for.

Bacn is a step above spam, and a step below personal e-mail.
"Sorry I didn't get back to you! I was catching up on all my bacn."

"Dude, I got so much bacn, today!"

"Sorry I lost your e-mail in all the bacn."
by Derek Jay August 21, 2007
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Email that isn't spam, but isn't a personal message either. Email you want/need, but not right now.

Term coined at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2, Sunday August 19th 2007.
"Google alerts, newsletters, my phone bill, facebook notifications - man, I'll I've got is bacn."
by tgjerusalem August 24, 2007
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(pronounced bacon) The automated e-mails and notifications received from web sites, especially social networking sites, which clutter up your inbox.

Bacn falls somewhere between spam and personal e-mails, an example being a 'friend request' e-mail.
"My mailbox is soooo rammed full of Facebook bacn I can't see my freakin' e-mails!"
by Guy Gregory August 23, 2007
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(noun) Automated system emails of importance that are better than SPAM. Bacn is not SPAM.

Bacn consists of the following: MySpace friend requests, PayPal payment receipts, electronic bills, email list digests, twitter follow messages, etc.

Origin: PodCamp Pittsburgh 2, Pittsburgh, PA, August 18-19, 2007.
I set up bacn filters to separate email from real people. My bacn email folder is checked once a day for important information about me.
by Jason Cable August 22, 2007
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It's not spam, but it's not from a person, and it's in your inbox. Bacn is an automated notification that you know you might get (Facebook addition, alert from an automated process or sensor), and it's clutter in your inbox. Depending on the type of bacn it is, it might even be "important" clutter. Solution: filter it into your Bacn folder.
The temp sensor was set off when the door was accidently propped open. I got bacn from the alarm system AND the temp monitor.
by PodCamp August 22, 2007
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