Honored among bros, the obvious rules among bros, or guys in general.
Bro Code
#1 Sisters are off limits
#2 Exes are off limits
#3 If a guy is chasing a girl, let him have her
#4 Do not in any way, be that guy
#5 You always watch the game
by Guible Author October 8, 2013
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Just to add on to the other definitions, always leave one urinal space between you and all others in the bathroom. Nobody wants to pee right next to anyone.
by Jesus the All-Knowing January 30, 2018
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The one law that goes above all other laws on behalf of bros
by Dr.Krogh June 16, 2013
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1.Don’t talk to your bro’s crushes ever, not even a little bit. That’s not cool and that’s betrayal.

2.Don’t talk to their exes or girlfriends unless granted permission.
3. Bro’s before hoes.
Man, you my best friend, that’s the bro code.”
by ImaGOAT9 January 3, 2020
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A set of rules meant to be a guideline to live by between Bro's. The rules began as unwritten rules to follow but because of the Pussification of America haven't been followed properly and for some men they needed to be spelled out in bold print.
Bro Code

#1: Bro's before Ho's.

#2: Never drink the last beer, unless you have been granted specific permission that it is OK
by diggdugg4 April 30, 2008
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The Bro Code is a set of sacred rules honoured among millions of bros throughout generations. The Bro Code is not defined as it varies amongst different groups of bros. Although, there are still some points that are in all sets of Bro Code, this includes:
Family is off limits
Exes are off limits
If a bros girlfriend asks about where he was, you know nothing or he was with the bros
If you see that a bro is talking to a girl and your slow friend is tagging along, its your duty no matter what to extract the third wheeler
Bro's girl: Hey, do you know where Mark was on Friday night?
Bro: *knowing nothing* Yeah he was with me all night, we went bowling with the guys

Mark: Thanks for covering for me bro
Bro: No problem man, its just a basic rule in the Bro Code
by Tinybutshiny March 13, 2021
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A way of life between bros. No matter what is going on, the bro code must be followed. The best way to explain it is when Butch stops the guys raping Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Minutes earlier they were fighting to the death, but the bro code kicked in. It doesn't matter if it was Saddam Hussein in there, the bro code MUST be followed.
Even though they tried to kill each other, the bro code dictated that Butch could not let Marcellus Wallace be anally raped.
by TheSwellFellow July 21, 2013
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