Another name for a Windows/NT/DOS dork. Can usually be seen in the wild wearing a polo shirt and slacks while carrying the latest Microsoft release packs.
"Dude check out that backslasher of there - I bet he's going to try and install Excel on my desktop computer. Too bad he doesn't know I just switched over to Linux"
by johnnywad September 12, 2007
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A mark of punctuation ( \ ) introduced in 1960 as a deliberate way to convert two ALGOL symbols ("up" and "down" carets) into ASCII by using the new backslash and its traditional opposite number, the virgule or slant ( / ):

\/ - or - /\ for example.

The backslash went on to find use in early UNIX programs and today is party of a typical QWERTY keyboard, usually to the right of the bracket (and braces) keys. Other terms for the mark include slosh, reverse virgule, and reverse slash.

If I see a backslash ( \ ) at the end of the line, does it mean go to the next line or go to the next term?

by al-in-chgo March 4, 2010
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When a woman bends over on her knees exposing her vagina from behind and somebody licks it to pleasure her (Eats Her Out)
-Man I just backslashed this chick
-Dude that chick just leaned over the bed for some backslashing
by expertniggga whaaat September 24, 2005
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You can Backslash someone in public or privately
Ex: Im gonna backslash you
Ex 2: Stop backslashing
by Tentonix June 4, 2023
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Used in the same manner in speaking as "/" is used when typing in emotions, actions, or reactions in text.

In text, (such as in a chat room online) "/" is understood that it is not to be spoken, but sets the platform for an "action" or emotion one is trying to express. the reason that this tool is used in text is to express things that can only be expressed in person, and not through text.

When using "backslash" out of text, it has to be spoken, then it is followed by the emotion or "action". the reason that this is used at all, is to exaggerate a thought, feeling, or show a desire to do something, as it is usually exaggerated in the text form as well.
In text:

Person 1: I just bet my friend 300$ that he wouldn't eat a pile of dog shit... now I'm out 300$ dollars!

Person 2: OMG! /vomit

Person 3: Wtf? Seriously? /dies

In real life:

Boss: We are having to cut back on workers, and you are going to be the first one to have to go. I'm sorry, You're fired.

Fired Employee: What?! Backslash slap! (Does not actually slap him)

Girlfriend: It was nice having sex with you... but I wish your cock was a bit bigger.

Boyfriend: Er.... backslash embarrassed.

Both "Backslash" and "/" can be used in all of the exact same ways.
by Forever Artist January 10, 2009
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the word stands for everything that I love. It means to be 1337, hot, sweet, and every other emotion you can possibly feel at once. And.. it's a neat looking button on your keyboard.
Dan. Backslash makes me totaly hot. Backslash is ub3r w33t

by Liquid March 20, 2005
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A better word for cool, awesome, rad, far out, etc...
Mo: *jumps in the air*
Blondie: No did you do that?
Mo: *points at legs*
Mangy: Dude...totally backslash.
by ptw89546 November 9, 2003
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