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when you say something that you dont mean but then you say something else to cover it up
james: you are hot
sam: what?
james: i mean, every woman says so
sam: stop backpedaling
by hugry February 22, 2014
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Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
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the act of running backwards at either normal or high intensity
Today Coach Rob showed us how to backpedal.
I will never be the same again.
by jleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee March 14, 2011
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When an idiot says something stupid, then tries to cover it up by saying something stupid again.
Person 1: ur gay
Person 2: I love you too.
Person 1: Just kidding man, you're cool.
Person 2: Quit backpedaling.
by bumerhoomorr34 January 28, 2019
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An action in which one is almost always ready to do a group activity, but when it comes time to show up, they always have a reason not to participate. Most people know or have known a backpedaler at one point or another.
Lily: Oh man, lets all participate in a fun party game or event!
Everyone else: Wow! That sounds like a great idea, lets do it!
Lily: Haha... Actually i don't want to do that, but i'll watch!
Everyone else: You need a new set of tires after backpedaling that hard
by TheHoodedShaft October 04, 2017
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(a)When you break up with a lover, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend with benefits etc. and the you start seeing them again at a future date.

(b)When you break up with someone and then start dating them in the future again.
Man... you went on a date with Emma? You are a backpedaling fool.

I thought you broke up with him girl? Why you backpedaling again?
by LOOSH January 24, 2013
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