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A real hard word to say without making an ass of yourself. It's a word used to describe someone who's being an ass at the victim for having a different opinion than them. A way of using this properly would be to say it if the person calls you for being an ass, when others think you're an okay ass to butt asses with.

But when the ass spews out something along the lines of "Shooting games suck" or "Gays should be crucified", that is just the flat and used ass trying to get attention that its related asses from its father and mother never gave. Asses should know the difference between biased and opinion shoving.

The factor in using this is in the subject of the conversation.
Person 1: You're so annoying dude.
Person 2: Not what your other friend said. Damn you biased.

Person 1: RPGs are so lame.
Person 2: Biased.
Person 3: Biased for having a different opinion on role playing games? You're an idiot.
by bumerhoomorr34 May 20, 2019
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A poor man's alcohol or drug to cure depression. Which is ironic when several peeps kill a good meme that don't allow it to live more than a week, and that in of itself is also depressing. Memes cure and cause depression.
Person 1: Ricardo iz bae
Person 2: u no several hav sad those memes b4 u right? stop beatin' a ded horse!
Person 1: shaddap queer, i dont ned 2 no its demise!
Person 2: bruh, u r just sed
Person 1: no u! ;_;
Person 2: smh
by bumerhoomorr34 September 04, 2019
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The opposite of a geek. Someone you don't want to be since they often don't follow the rule of K.I.S.S .

"If you can't explain it, you don't know it well enough." ~Albert Einstein
Nerd: *overexplains something that could be shortened easily, or says a subtle insult/joke that only 1% will get and 99% will just say "what" and laugh at the nerd trying so hard to make sense or be taken seriously*

Geek: Nerd. Keep It Simple Stupid.
by bumerhoomorr34 March 08, 2021
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Basically your typical reddit/4chan shitposter. The kind of person who still types lenny faces on Team Fortress, dabs on Fortnite or teabags on Battlefield.

These people tend to follow what is trendy like tools and say forced memes that have no context or even anything that would make them remotely funny. But they'll do it anyway like the sellouts they are, to fit in with the "cool" crowd. Normies tend to not know what a normie is or deny that they are a normie themselves, like any egotistical hypocrite would do with a superiority complex .

They'll call non-normies retarded, faggots or autistic just to compensate that they themselves are what they have said and just sound more obnoxious, low-functioning autistic, and idiotic the more they do it. They'll spam trendy shitposts, forced memes, political banter, news reports relating to disasters or fast food shortages, and gifs of real people from movies/shows that nobody with a brain or a sense of self-thinking would have an interest in, just to piss others off and not trying to be funny.

They refuse to think for themselves, or else they would be classified as the "uncool" and their fragile ego and low amount of willpower can't accept that. Non-normies are gifted with being able to think for themselves and are capable of more advanced jokes/memes that the major crowd would either glance at or laugh without knowing how it's funny, the poor souls.
Normie: *dabs*
Non-normie: Do you not realize how stupid you look doing that?
Normie: lolololo u mad?
Non-normie: Dumb normie.
Normie: no u
by bumerhoomorr34 January 22, 2019
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It really can be anyone who has a mind not very commonplace at all. It can be groups of people who have an opinion so very rarely uttered, a group with IQs exceeding average levels, the rich folk who have enough wealth to influence our country, people who say words that the majority won't even understand or don't make any sort of sense, or even people who simply just have a mind of their own.

While granted this is not necessarily a bad thing all the time, it can be if you happen to be unintelligible, or just plain uncharismatic in general.
Person 1: I think livestreaming is the most stupid career to even take part of.
Person 2: You must be a one percenter...I agree however. Let me turn that to a two percent for ya dude.
by bumerhoomorr34 August 05, 2019
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In reality, possibly the most nicest black guy to meet.

On the internet, just another forced meme.
Person 1: Ey dawg, how ye doin'?
Ricardo: Doin' good. Just can't stand these fools who feel they need to annoy others how great I am.
Person 1: Yeah I feel ya homie. Can't stand fools like that.
by bumerhoomorr34 May 11, 2019
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While it formally has to involve an offensive topic, it is expanded upon people who try way too hard to make something land, but based upon the reaction of the audience, they'll say it's a joke as their form of copium to make up for their lack of spanking they received in their childhood.
Person 1: iT's A jOk lOlOlOl
Person 2: bruh, sniff more copium n quit bein a Schrödinger's Douchebag
Person 1: fuk u, sussy baka
Person 2: ngl, thats kinda cringe
by bumerhoomorr34 June 19, 2021
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