Is also used as a name. The orgin is from japan. "Sei" means sincere and "ko" means child. Sincere Child
The girl from Baldwin Hills (The black version of Mtv's "The Hills") is named seiko.
by bgrl March 11, 2009
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Seiko is the best character in the Corpse Party series. She is an uwu radiator and if you hurt her I’ll kill you. Also she is mine
Dan: Seiko is a great character

Me: No she’s mine
by I’m bad at usernames October 15, 2019
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She's got brown hair, brown eyes, an adorable anime cat smile, bigger than average anime tiddies and is perfect waifu material.

She's from Corpse Party

Not best girl but still a hella good character don't lie.
Person 1,

'Omg I have such a perfect waifu!'

'Who is it? 👀'
Person 1,
'Yuka Mochida!'

*pulling out dictionary*

'Actually, Seiko is waifu material so-'
by Connor hi kids October 16, 2019
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Japanese wathch company. Famous for many different designs. Had a hand in making the first mass produced quartz watch, the famous Seiko diver the 6309 and the ones following, the seiko kinetics, etc.

Relatively inexpensive, anyware from $40 on ebay to a tad under $2,000.
I've got a couple of Seikos, their good watches.
by scalisi October 23, 2006
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A Japanese watch brand that is considered mid-range (price-wise), though they are considered more high-end in Japan, where they release some models that are not released in North America. The prices vary from $50 for marked down watch to $6000 for their "Spring drive" watch.

Known more for their functionality than their style, even their $5000 watch isn't as flashy as a $3000 rolex.

Level of watches (not fashion watches)
Low: Timex
Mid-low: Wenger, Swiss army
Mid: Citizen, Seiko
Mid-high: Tag Heuer
High: Rolex
Higher: Patek Phillippe
I have $3000 to burn for a watch, and I'm getting a seiko instead of a rolex because there are so many fake rolexes and it's too ostentatious for me!
by Jennycola November 3, 2006
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Poor Man's Rolex.
Will show that you are stylish enough to get the get best you can afford, but obviously not rich enough to be wearing a rolex instead.

Very reliable and excellently made , a Japanese watch that is built to last and built to work well.

Prices range from £60 onwards to around £350 from most conventional watch stores in the UK, but there are other variants that can cost up to as much as a Rolex, though as you can tell, they don't sell very well (who'd get a Seiko for the same price as a Rolex).
Seiko is endorsed by Honda F1. Just like Mercedes and Porsche is endorsed by Tag.
by sundarasundara August 10, 2009
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A moderately priced watch that tells the ladies 'I'm doin' O.K. in life, but I will not spend any money on you. For christmas you'll get a useful and efficient gift, such as a thighmaster to bulk up that pancake ass of yours.'
I wear a seiko.
by jerem December 18, 2003
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