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A term describing an unmarried woman, usually used to describe an affianced woman having a night on the town with her friends soon before her wedding.

Also used by single women who find the term "spinster" too old-fashioned and "prude" inapplicable.
The bachelorette and her friends thoroughly enjoyed the Chippendales show.

It will be a long time before the word "bachelorette" gains the acceptance enjoyed by the word "bachelor".
by Bec-Ann April 19, 2006
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A glamourous name sluts give themselves.
"Hi, I'm a bachelorette, I need cock in every orifice"
by johnbarker January 10, 2004
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A sham word primarily used by certain Americans of sub par intelligence to describe the female version of a Bachelor.

The term was coined to feminize the masculine word bachelor through the added 'ette' - a wholly idiotic and nonsensical endeavor akin to calling a single mother a fatherette.

This term was born of ignorance and misguided feminist intentions.

Speakers should instead stick to the traditional terms Hen or Doe.
OMG she had the craziest bachelorette party before her Vegas wedding, her 15 kids all came too!
by Macdaddy1983 August 13, 2012
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