Bachelor's Degree: A sheet of paper and myth to intercity kids.

A teacher, usually named Will, tries to prepare his intercity students for college and a Bachelor's Degree through rigorous PE classes and detention.
DiQuan told his class that he was going to be a Unicorn trainer at the zoo after he gotten his Bachelor's Degree. The class laughed cuz they all knew a degree was a myth.
by The Moose on fire October 10, 2018
A diploma earned by a male college student who is single at the time of graduation. In many employment-fields, this attribute may not seem very impressive//laudable/desirable on a résumé , since many employers prefer married men who have "settled down" and thus are seemingly displaying some social progress and responsibility.
Telling a prospective wife that you have a bachelor's degree may actually lower her perception of you, since she will wonder why you have not already landed a suitable spouse by this time.
by QuacksO March 20, 2019
Frankie's family was so proud of him for getting his New Jersey Bachelor's Degree that they bought him a brand new car. He uses his new car to drive to and from his job as a fry cook at Sal's Kitchen.
by Poor_Woobie February 11, 2009