A house or apartment where two single men or more reside, where frequent parties, drinking and sex is usally involved.
Tom enjoys his new bachelor pad, last night he got two sexy blondes to cum over!
by Eyiad January 14, 2007
"I got a nice studio apartment now in the Village, and it's not only a cool bachelor pad, but I also sleep ON my very cool bachelor pad every night."

-- Posted on a Tokyo bulletin board in Ikebukuro, July 2, 2009
by PRwiz101 July 5, 2009
"Undignified" or "bare basics" foods like quick-oats mixed with milk and raisins, canned stew/sausages/beans eaten straight out of the can, etc.
Self-sufficient dude: I really appreciate how Tiffany accepts me as I am and is always okay with just the typical "bachelor pad" cuisine that I feed her whenever she comes over... she values my companionship and caring, she realizes that I am always kind and generous in my own way, and she is grateful for any and all help that I give her, and so she doesn't mind my somewhat-cluttered digs or the hard-boiled eggs and cold "reduced for quick sale" sandwiches soaked in whole milk that I typically serve her for snacks.
by QuacksO October 21, 2018
A bachelor pimp pad is typically a dwelling shared by two young bachelors, in the transitional period after college but before starting a real career.

The primary difference between a bachelor pimp pad and a typical dwelling is that a bachelor pimp pad is furnished much like a garage, with John Wayne American flags, shooting range targets, recliners, guitars and a foosball table.

Also known as a "BPP" or "B-dub-P".
Before we all go out Saturday night we're gonna pre-game it at our Bachelor Pimp Pad.
by Domeski January 3, 2011