In Jamaican, Ragga, Reggae, and Rap, Babylonians refer to the police and authority, society's law against the culture and tradition of the rastafarai.
Look man! babylonians in helicopters,they is comin!! Me gotta burn me chronic crop.
by Archibald Butler February 15, 2008
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Among the most accurate observers of this era were Babylonians. They could predict the rising and setting of the planets and the appearance of eclipses; and they constructed an accurate lunisolar calendar. We also formulated the unit space measurement known as the arc degree and established a time degree equal in duration to four minutes.
The Babylonians are back and started out as Quincies.
by Quincy The Beautiful June 14, 2019
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A youtuber who will do anything to solve gaming mysteries and also is friends with monkey ball voice actor Brian Matt
Dude 1: you saw that new Babylonian video

Dude2 : yeah I can’t believe he made a dog from a Nintendo game with zero results to one million
by Ya bo1 February 6, 2021
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see babylons, ~> a whole mountain range of breasts
"i'd love to stroll accross her babylonians"
by mike d March 21, 2005
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A bold, evil woman. Often jokes sexually, yet isn't 'all about sex'.
'Why does she talk about sex so much? Is she a whore?'

'She's only a Babylonian Whore.'
by ~Glas~ August 29, 2012
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A dumb blonde stripper who gets involved with a super sweet and sexy one of a kind awesome guy who is actually a rock star incognito but she doesn't know it and trusts him as a friend. But this guy is so fucking hot she couldn't help herself and raped his big beautiful penis with her mouth without warning, and she being extremely enchanted by his perfect beauty believes every word he said. Until he literally fucked her in the worst way possible making her so frightened she couldn't ever trust him again and vanished from his life. Then many years later, the mystery is revealed about him and her and how their downfall was caused by a simple Lie, his lie and more lies he said to her and to his rich powerful musician friends in their secret places. By the time the stripper found out about him, his lies and filming her deep throat blow job ALL of what she had with pleasure and pride she gave ALL she had to him. Not knowing that he was a rich spoiled rock star who already had everything and when he filmed her in porno secretly his trickery caused them both to fall into a lifetime of STD and he chose to shift the blame onto the poor little stripper and told the world she's a whore, a prostitute who ruined his life and love with disease after she left him and since he's a royal rock star he successfully labels her the Babylonian Whore for the world to believe that it's all her fault. Hail the Babylonian Whore for her excellency she is THEE goddess of all lovers.
He's a rock star in the bright lights and she is just a Babylonian Whore in a bottomless pit.
by DeepThrowWitDancer March 5, 2022
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A sexual act where sandpaper is rubbed on the man's penis until it bleeds before penetration
Rob: Dude, my girlfriend did The Babylonian Breadstick on me last night.
Mike: Really, how was it?
Rob: It hurt like hell!
by fucboi98000 August 31, 2016
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