Ejaculating into partners mouth. Then the partner letting it run out of their mouth down their body.
"she gave herself a warm blanket ."
by katnisnix December 28, 2013
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A movie or tv show that you've watched so many times that its familiarity comforts you. Often played to fall asleep to.
I couldn't sleep so I put on my warm-blanket movie, Happy Gilmore. I fell asleep during the opening credits.
by dsjung April 19, 2017
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1. The mucilaginous issue of reverse peristalsis, in cases where said vermiculation is the denouement of overly ambitious fellatio.

2. The sudden, steaming end of a throat-fuck.

3. When you get a blowjob from a drunk girl and she throws up in the middle of it.
"I kept a firm grip on his ears and pulled until I felt the warm lap blanket flowing over my legs."
by Anjelikat & Dr. Hemp November 30, 2004
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The best thing in fall or winter, warm blankets are mostly found after laundry
Person 1: I love warm blankets
Person 2: me too
by Warm blankets October 25, 2022
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