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The abdomen area of a pregnant woman. As the fetus/baby grows so does a woman's belly. Thus it is referred to as a "baby bump."
"Looking at the size of her baby bump she must be due any day."
"Is she getting fatter or is that a baby bump?"
by angel carter March 06, 2006
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1. The protruding abdominal bump from a woman's stomach when she becomes noticeably pregnant.

2. A shameless shirt marketing campaign to capitalize upon the notification that a woman - usually teenager - has become pregnant.

2a. A shirt with the words "baby bump" in the style of excessive bling indicating the young woman wearing it is probably promiscuous in nature and wishes to inform the community of this social practice.

3. An annoying term used by the media to say someone is pregnant.
1. - "Tracy said she's pregnant, check out that baby bump."

2. - "Gina purchased her new Baby Bump shirt at Wal-Mart"

2a - "There goes Tammy wearing her Baby Bump shirt and I can't say I'm surprised as much as she gets around."

by Jared Anaya February 26, 2008
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When a pregnant woman has a bump in her stomach from where the baby punched her really hard.
"OWWW! That's going to leave a baby bump."
by Worstgirl141 May 14, 2010
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The upsurge in polling a candidate receives after appearing in public with a newborn.
Mayor Shoenfeld experienced a baby bump as he soared to victory after going on a baby kissing rampage.
by ischym September 02, 2008
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