1. A dumb person or an idiot; 2. A person who stares too much.

Root of the word: The word "baboso" is a Spanish word that when literally translated is used to identify a person that slobbers too much. Because slobbering is usually the result of ones mouth hanging open for a prolonged period of time, the person is identified as an idiot, or someone who stares too much.
Que me ves pinche baboso?
What are you looking at fucking baboso?

Kensington is such a baboso. He tried to plug in the blow dryer while he was in the bath tub.

Que baboso es el Kensington. Trato de enchufar la secadora cuando estaba adentro de la tina.

Raul esta vien baboso.
Raul is really baboso.
by literarymexican November 29, 2011
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someone who is slobs a lot.
But usually used to decribe someone stupid(dumbass, stupid)
You are a Baboso.
Ella es bien babosa cuando dureme.
She is a slober when she sleeps.
by ART July 07, 2003
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A slobbering, drooling idiot who rolls around in his own feces, and knows he is doing it, and is smiling about it.
I can't believe Wayne accidentally formatted his son's C: drive, what a baboso.
by zoloft zantac December 07, 2006
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A perverted, sleazy person who "drools" at the site of an attractive person.

Usually an old man but can be used to describe all ages.
Ese viejo verde es muy baboso!

Que baboso que es tu padre con tu amiga!
by Victor Che Sosa March 01, 2006
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Spanish word for a person who talks just becuase they got a mouth. A baboso’s words have no value and cannot be trusted.

Translates directly to Drooler, although that is a a strong understatement.
Person 1: “Men’s word nowadays don’t mean anything, they just talk out of their ass.”
Person 2: “That’s what you call a Baboso. Just look at Donald Trump, he is the definition of Baboso.”
by LibertyFreedomBoy February 23, 2018
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A person that does not want to beleive what he is being told, being a truth or slang word.
I told Patrick, "hey did you know HEFFER means that you are fat like a cow? and Patrick said "NO its not!". I told him "you're a freaking baboso!"

Patrick is a pinche baboso, he thinks he is always right!
by Ri$ck July 31, 2008
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