On stan twitter, it is a codeword for 'suspend' or 'suspended', especially for another account. When locals say it, it is a euphemism for shit.
I can't believe the soldier fandom just tried to s word camila cabello for retweeting a tweet about blackpink.
by appariently August 11, 2019
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this word is used on stan twitter to say that their account got suspened
Exapmle: my main account got s worded oomfs..
by oomfaloompa September 23, 2020
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Used as a euphemistic reference to the word sh*t without actually saying it.
I can't believe he said the S-word in front of me!
by Matthew678 February 16, 2019
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The S word is a term heavily used for Travis Scotts upcoming album Utopia.
Fans cant stop using the chaos making S word after every tweet regarding the Astroworld rapper!!!
S word (S**N)
Fan asks Μike Dean who is mastering the album when Utopia is dropping

Mike Dean : S word
by HOLLAHOLAHE June 16, 2023
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s = simp
twitch streamers aren't allowed to say simp, so they use s word instead.

you're a simp!

dude you're gonna get banned

oh fuck, you're an S WORD
by technoblade says BRUHHHHHHHHHH December 21, 2020
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a lazy form for sorry ....
instead of just sayin sorry...
hey dude wats this obsession wid the s word...
luk buddy um completely against the s word.
by aks514 October 14, 2005
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(informal) (v) to "swear on your mother's life" -- stating something that is true because if it was false, then you'd be offering up your own mother for death
A: Honestly, I didn't break that window!
B: I don't believe you!
A: Bro, word(s) to my mother!
by SovietFanWomble November 26, 2018
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