A very fucked up area on the east side of North Philly which is known as the Badlands. Mostly home to Black, Purto Rican, and Irish people. This neighborhood is jam packed with Heroin and Crack. People who live there are incredible fighters and can fuck you up. At night time there is crack heads, pushers, thugz,and mad gun shots. Police need to have 2 cops in the car when driving through it or they will be pulled out and fucked up.
some kid from chestnuthill got off the bus in Kensington and was beated, stabbed and robbed.
by boobooosimz September 26, 2004
A very VERY dangerous area of North Philly. The best and most reliable place in the tristate area to pick up really decent heroin, crack, powder coke, benzos, suboxone, needles, weapons, prostitutes or whatever else you might need.

Mostly inhabited by blacks, puerto ricans, junkies of all races, and poor asians. well, actually, everyone who lives there is well under the poverty line. One of the poorest and most impoverished areas in PA and NJ.

Crime ridden. Murders, rapes, drug pushing, assaults, robberies, weapon sales, prostitution, ect happen every 2 seconds in Kensington. It is extremely dangerous there, proceed with caution!

I know firsthand. I lived on the streets there for a pretty long time when I was addicted to heroin and working as a trick.
If you want the best dope around, skip Camden and head to Kensington.

The corner of C and Clearfield streets in Kensington is usually infested with cops, but pretty reliable for having the best dope (ecko, viagra, kangol, cvs, just some examples of the stamp bags there)
by KandAjunkie December 13, 2009
A long ass road in philly. if you turn on to kensington, turn right the fuck back off. the stop lights have been rigged so that you will hit EVERY red light; thus provided that every stop has a 95% PROBABILITY of loosing your car. if you make it from the begining to the end... its probably the winter time and too cold for the gang baggers to jack your shit.
yo man i got off the betsy ross bridge last night and wound up on kensington. i never saw no shit like that before in my life. homies shootin craps, pit bull fights. and of course a crew of about 8 brothas on every fucking corner with a 40 of colt 45 in their back pocket.
by datnigga67 February 15, 2009
K-Town. We go to Continental cause thats our shit and thats most important, get a slurpee at sev around the corner. Middle to upper class suburb, fuck the potomac rich kids wearing their oxford pastels we rock t-shirts and not designer ed hardy or hollister shit cause were not deuches. Bethesdas cool to pickup some 4h bitches at the bar. Kenin and The Toy Boxx keep it real on the music scene. You know who the Zmudas are. One of the only legit free skateparks anywhere. We get fucked up on natty light, run out no worries get Kensington Pizza and Kabob to deliver some more. Oh and lets end with the most important part.. CONTINENTAL beat that shit.
Lets get some Continental, natty, and 4h bitches to get this Kensington night going.
by ktown kracker August 31, 2010
One of the many wealthy towns in MoCo. Yet unlike in Potomac, K-Towners don't flaunt what they have and instead live in a nice, cute, family town. While most of it is nice, there is the area that should be Wheaton.
Do you live in the nice part of KTown or the Wheaton part between Conn. Ave. and University Blvd?
by KTown November 14, 2004
Kensington is a small town right outside of Bethesda. It has a great population, it is concluded with schools like Kensington Parkwood Elementary School, North Bethesda Middle School and Walter Johnson High School. If you are interested in private school it is also made up of Holy Redeemer and Academy of Holy Cross. K- Town is a nickname for Kensington . It has restaurants such as Chipotle and Continental. Kensington is a very heart-warming town that many would love to join
Hey guys, let's go to St. Paul's Park in Kensington and chill with our friends.

I love K-town it's such a heart-warming place
by PJE61697 January 1, 2012
A very weird community in Brooklyn, has many ethnical backrounds mostly european and a bit of asian ranging from Italians, Russians, Jews, Muslims,a little chinese, Irish, Albanians and others. There's no place to really hang out except for Ocean parkway, church ave or ditmas ave. and the kids usually. It's usually all overpriced victorian houses. Kids all know each other but never really socialize and bring kids from other neighborhoods over. Very weird place but home to only two types of kids : extremely smart or extremely dumb. The smart kids usually go to Stuy, Brooklyn Tech, Midwood and other well rep'd school meanwhile the other kids go to F.D.R, Erasmus or some really fuked up school. The nerds usually never go out or are major pot heads/drunks who chill in other neighborhoods, the other kids usually hang around the corner. Adults have different jobs ranging from doctors, public health directors to taxi cab drivers. If you live around or in Ocean Parkway your used to the noises the russians make when its 2 am and they're drunk as hell. One good thing about this hood though is that they do have good looking people, the girls are usually good looking and pretty down to earth and easy going and the boys are pretty laid back too.
Billy: I live in Kensington
Bob: Theres nothing to do in the daylight but if you want some booze go at night
by kengsington November 9, 2007