1)when you hear something so shocking, you have nothing else to say

2) when you are annoyed and hating life

3)the word to say when you want to take up space

spelling may vary
mom: lauren you owe me 40 dollars
lauren "baaa"

lauren: ughh i have so many papers due and my boyfriend cheated on me with some biddies....BAAAA!
by k clark February 17, 2008
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meaning-whats up my nigga or that bitch got a god damn booty!
by colton "tokadot mane" August 3, 2010
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A 'baaa' is when someone copies you so obviously, that you can't help but scream on top of your lungs 'baaa'. It is referencing the sounds that a sheep would make, suggesting the person you are targetting is copying you just like one.
-He has the same phone as you!
-Oh my god! Why you being a baaa!
by whyubeingabaaa May 1, 2019
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1) Noun:

A person who is prone to making mistakes, or is in a difficult situation.

2) Verb:

To make a serious mistake.

3) Exclamation:

A word uttered after making a serious error or mistake, or in reaction to one.
1) Piyush is a baaa.

2) Piyush, you've baaad it hard.

3) "Piyush, I heard Hull is the worst place in Britain to live" ..... Piyush replies: "Baaa!"
by GDL April 12, 2007
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A response to anything and everything no matter how important.
What do you wanna eat?

by Alisha lover June 18, 2023
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Often misinterpreted as a sheep mating call, it is actually an expression of anger
BAAAAA shut up idiot
by Dead human August 4, 2021
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Subtle and socially acceptable vocal abbreviation for the phrase "balls and wieners", to be used in environments where professionalism or self-restraint is required.

In more friendly, informal environments, the abbreviation is often followed by an actual vocalization of the phrase "balls and wieners" after a few repetitions of the abbreviation by different speakers.
Person 1: Baaa-

Person 2: Baaa-

Person 3: Balls and wieners!
by IwataMan July 15, 2009
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