Shorthand writing to say "between". Commonly used in instant messages, forums and other resources over the internet.
Can you tell me the difference b/w Bluetooth and Infared?
by Kevin Pors October 10, 2005
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An abbreviation of "backed with". The term refers to a 12" single which has an A-side that is backed with a B-side.
Did you hear the 12" by Ghetto Concept? It has "E-Z On Tha Motion" b/w "Hard Copy".
by Will from T.O. April 2, 2009
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b/w im not going to
b/w i don't want to talk about it
by zema February 16, 2009
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1. Black & white (Photography / Cinema / TV)
2. Bowers & Wilkins (HI-FI speakers)
1. Young Frankenstein is one of the funniest B&W films ever!
2. I pump loud vibes on my B&Ws
by Mad_Argie May 5, 2008
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