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1)the worst thing that can possibly happen in any situation involving any asian,azn. when this rare situation occurs during a school fight, it is guaranteed that the asian will beat the opponent in a bloody pulp!

2)when an asian releases it's ancient fighting hormones and gets jackie chan on you. Though it's rare that this happens, it's a bad idea to anger any asian.

3)rage and carnage at it's highest point. very,very dangerous!

*TRUST ME, i experienced this at poly high at CA. This asian dude owned a black dude. blood was everywhere!
black kid 1: lets jump that chink!
black kid 2: are you sure? he might activate his azn rage....
black kid 1: Nah, thats just some made up bullshit. come on, you pussy
black kid 2: a'ight whutever...
(they both went up to the asian guy and starts talking shit)
*asian guy gets pissed off and owns both of them

-later that night in the hospital-
black kid 2: didnt i tell about the asian rage!
black kid 1: fuck!
by poly high student January 08, 2006
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When an asian kid gets so fucking pissed off he starts kicking peoples ass and even if they do get a hit in he doesn't feel it because of the adrenaline
Redneck#1 : lol! look at that little fucking mexican asian bitch

Redneck#2 : hes such a cunt. LOL!

Redneck#1 and #2 : OH SHIT! That asian bitch is releasing azn rage!
by Azn Riot October 14, 2009
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3 extremely pissed asian sister that can tap into her crouching tiger hidden dragon when needed, more lethal than Ermer and Burke combined - she's the shit
2.a force not to be reackoned with
"danny roberts, did you write shit about my brother, damn! beware of the azn rage"
by the BIG sister February 07, 2004
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1. a hybrid, oriental, version of anger
2. violent, explosive anger by an Azn. See John Ermer or Burke Oleszewski
3. an high-intensity outbreak of rage characterized by cursing, shouting of derogatory terms, red-eyes, and an uncontrollable temper
"yo razzy, you shouldnt have decked burke. you just opened up his box of azn rage."
"don't make me unleash my azn rage."
"ive got so much azn rage right now"
by zulu February 06, 2004
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The 2 inch man in their pants.
asian guy: omg dude my azn rage is like HUGE!
other guy: lol @ 2 inches
by D4rk January 01, 2006
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person who wrote the 7th definition....just leave it alone fag bag. we're just playing around but your taking this all seriously...CHILLAX
go get some friends you f-ing loser, and a girl while you're at it
by moron February 09, 2004
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When a bunch of retards talk about LVO online and get the shit kicked out of them.
Although Laura was white, she quickly opened up a can of whoop ass and destroyed Danny, Burke, and Tom both verbally and physically.
by AZNLO February 09, 2004
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