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1)the worst thing that can possibly happen in any situation involving any asian,azn. when this rare situation occurs during a school fight, it is guaranteed that the asian will beat the opponent in a bloody pulp!

2)when an asian releases it's ancient fighting hormones and gets jackie chan on you. Though it's rare that this happens, it's a bad idea to anger any asian.

3)rage and carnage at it's highest point. very,very dangerous!

*TRUST ME, i experienced this at poly high at CA. This asian dude owned a black dude. blood was everywhere!
black kid 1: lets jump that chink!
black kid 2: are you sure? he might activate his asian rage....
black kid 1: Nah, thats just some made up bullshit. come on, you pussy
black kid 2: a'ight whutever...
(they both went up to the asian guy and starts talking shit)
*asian guy gets pissed off and owns both of them

-later that night in the hospital-
black kid 2: didnt i tell about the asian rage!
black kid 1: fuck!
by poly high student January 08, 2006
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when an asian becomes angered.
oh shit!!! that asian is pissed!!! ASIAN RAGE!!! RUN!!!
by jason lee pwa pwa September 03, 2004
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