Some scholars have suggested that Zoroastrianism was where the first prophet of a monotheistic faith arose, claiming Zoroastrianism as being "the oldest of the revealed credal religions, which has probably had more influence on mankind directly or indirectly, more than any other faith".

The ninth Iranian month is called Azar, meaning 'Atash' or fire. The guardianship of the month has been designated to a goddess known as Azar. Zoroastrians celebrate the ninth day of Azar with a festival known as 'Azargan'.

Fire was so important to them that they created a goddess for it. Sanctity of fire has an ancient origin. All the tribes on the earth have praised the fire. Progress made by the human race is dependent on fire, which also produces steam and electricity.
Hello, my name is Solomon Azar - I have put together many signs and connections to form the big picture-- we have been seeded upon this planet by way of spirit into a life form of man and given one primary mission- to cultivate this planet to complete utopia- thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven-We have been given the gift of free will thru the image of god- our time here is completely of faith as a test of growth-i believe i have uncovered a symbolic discovery of unlimited clean energy of using water via nuclear fusion upon palm sunday 2007- I have been shown many signs after this date-in the beginning it was two sticks for fire- now- i propose two electrodes for unlimited clean energy- it is energy which fuels a world for comfort-life-stability-coupled with laws from the heavens we have lived our lives- we are all messengers of god if we listen-we are communicated with thru our dreams-coincidental moments-etc- you would be lucky to have one handful in which you swear to be divinely inspired in your entire life-our time is a test and we are by far left alone in order to see how we help one another- do not expect the heavens to fix mans problems- it is the heavens who watch us fix our own- we have everything upon this magical blue planet- it is our duty as man to live up to our potential- my first name means peace- my last name is the father of Abraham-father of arab and jews- it is also the name of fire in the first religion of zorasterian to this day-in the beginning is a story of brotherhood between cain and able- in this age of enlightenment we shall be called together under god and see what the brothers of Issac and Ishmael do in the middle east- it is in the interests of all human beings to support its unification-as it is the desire all nations shall be under one God- There is no question- I have been guided as a human being upon my time here- I am a messenger of GOD- -I lived my entire life with the Christ in my heart- Therefore a strong light always shined in my mind on all actions in life-that is part of the gift of free will- i lived a full life and taught to see it from a perspective of the heavens- I come in the name of peace-upon the days of my scientific vindication- one in which the energy crisis is gone- i will start formal proceedings as a messenger of GOD and initiate a formal peace treaty in the name of god upon all nations- if it is conceivable to have nation leaders strike alliances between one another for peace-it is Gods will to have one complete alliance of all nations under God- the days of war have come to an end-unlimited health care for everyone without questions-I do not come with the ability to walk on water-but to deliver it as unlimited energy- I am like you-I was taught to say we are all each one of us a miracle- we are made in the image of God- therefore -let us act accordingly- we are all the same-the holy spirit is in me completely-what is in you- we will together strike peace in the name of god-the christ-the light of peace for all mankind-utopia comes now-TIME WILL TELL
by SOLOMON AZAR January 28, 2008
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I brolic and effective math teacher who is usually an ex-marine.
My math teacher is such an Azar, he works out while we do problems and tells us war stories when we finish.
by Balthier March 31, 2008
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Akin to Drakes equation a similar pursuit is offered to guesstimate the TIME in generations a population of enlightened beings gain enough knowledge to understand their origins and purpose in life and thus begin to end the days of FAITH on earth.

First a review of Drakes equation used to guesstimate the possibility of advanced entities in our known galaxy of the Milky way which encompasses 300 Billion stars akin to our Sun.

THUS, gods equation is proposed for an infinite entity as humans as children of god given the gift of life on earth in order to master its domain in the realm of FAITH for its inherent aspect produces a drive towards infinity as ignorance is bliss YET pursuit of knowledge a rewarding gift.

The System is changing with each addition of deeds performed by each generation and a time will evolve whereby the system is ready to be TESTED. for that which is given much-much is expected.
I understand Drakes equation is used to find advanced entities of the universe but this Azar equation implies a moment in Time for our own race to perform certain tasks and state of existence as described in holy books or hearts of mankind before such communication is given with the universe let alone the spirit world of god.

Azar Equation = gods equation
by sambo sami suleiman azar April 23, 2010
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An accident or injury lawyer in Colorado. Goes by “Frank D. Azar, The Strong Arm”. Also commonly known as “Daddy Azar”.
I want to get strong-armed in the ass by Frank Azar.
by gfindle September 23, 2020
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Azar is the most beautiful human rabbit in the world. She is a mom, and a pimp Madeline loves her like a mom thanks Bye
Wow look at the azar go
by Bobby bosha April 27, 2005
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French teacher who talks through a very loud microphone and tells you that she does not give any homework. Instead she gives you mountains and mountains of studying. You have to do debates, the tests are on simple subjects but she makes it impossible.
*Hears 2 seconds of a french song: I want to die, can I borrow your scissors? *CUTS HAND - real student

Mme Azar (Mme Allali) ’s french class is only surviving because of the helper.
by ApparentlyImAnonymous December 2, 2021
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the best human in the galaxy he is so nice and very handsome
A: who is that he looks so good
B: oh thats Azaral
by human....:) November 26, 2021
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