A Marine is a Marine for life! He is a Marine from the yellow foot prints in Boot Camp, till the day of his death and beyond. Even after death, "once a Marine Always a Marine". It is considered rude and impolite to call a Marine and Ex-Marine. He can be referred as an Inactive or Retired Marine.
Joe: That Tom is still hard core! Didn't he get out, like, two years ago?

Sam: Yeah, He is an out going Ex-Marine!

(Tom apears from no where in a puff of smoke,and slaps the hell out of sam and states loudly ("Semer Fi For Life").
by Anthony Moulton August 2, 2007
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Something that doesn't exist. You stop being in the Marines; you never stop being a Marine.
There is no such thing as an ex-Marine.
by BobbyJimJoe June 3, 2010
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'Theres no such thing, once a marine always a marine' leroy jethro Gibbs
Never call gibs an ex-marine, and never question his gut either
by cdm15000 November 11, 2018
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No such thing. Once a Marine, always a Marine! See Ex-Marine
News Lady: Next on the news. ex Marine saves cat from tree.

Marine Watching T.V.: Stupid women...Marine!!!
by Anthony Moulton August 2, 2007
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