Ayman is a badass mother fucker and he will fuck the hottest girls and he will also get married to a very beautiful lady
by The beast 12987 January 08, 2019
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Ay Man is what people use to get people's attention..variation of Hey Man

other variations may be:
B Man (bro man)
C Man (Semen)
D Man (THE Man)
F Man
K man (ok man)
o man (oh man)
p man (pac man)
u man (that's you man)
X Men
Y man (Why man?)
Ay Man! Wassup fool?
Aw man, game over.
by big jens chisel July 28, 2006
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To miss something due to getting drunk the night before, and sleeping through the said activity.
Steve is going to ayman his flight to Las Vegas today because he got trashed last night and passed out on the sidewalk.
by Schlumberger August 12, 2008
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as in " he's a fucking ayman....he likes to play with himslef!!!"
by your friend March 07, 2005
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A exclamation made when an accounting teacher feels you are disrespecting his class. When Ay man is abused, the teacher will likely go to Come-on man. Once you leave accounting one you are obligated to respect the class more, although the class becomes even less respectable. If you are an athlete, you are immune from being ay manned.
yo today in accounting coach was ay man nin the shit out of me.
by Eymanrespectthisshit October 03, 2008
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