A noun used when a person is wanting to call a male a girl's name such as sally or sue. Girl's Name can be used to indicate any and all girl's names at once.
Guy 1: I feel bloated.
Guy 2: Shut up Girl's Name...that's fucking gay
by loganza June 28, 2009
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This name could be the most vague and common name ever, but somewhere, some random bitch is thinking, "My best friend's name is Emma/Chloe/Any fucking name, so I guess I'll write an Urban Dictionary post about all the things that make her special."

The format of these posts are exactly the same:
Name is a talented and courageous girl who will be there for you. Also, Name is usually REALLY pretty! She won't let you down."

Then, they expect us to use said name in a sentence as if it's actual slang and not just a cute little tribute to their damn friend.
"To use it in a sentence, you'd say, 'she's so cool. she must be an Emma/Chloe/Literally any fucking name on Earth."
Oh, will you look at that, another generic ass Girl's Name post.
by skipperdee May 29, 2020
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A girl named kyle is an absolute unicorn for a guy to find. They have the personality of your best friend, but the sex appeal of a model. They are hard on the exterior, but soft on the interior. They are loyal, have huge hearts, and although hard to open up, are worth every amount of effort it takes to get there. They also tend to be very sexually explorational. You should never turn down a chance to be with a kyle, and if given the opportunity, appreciate every second of it.
Kyle (girls name): Dude, I cant believe I met a “kyle”! She is like you mixed with my mom and a porn star, all in one! I hit the jackpot!
by Steak and Oreo March 11, 2019
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Alex, Leanna, Samara, Ava, Aliyah, Sarah are all very hot names for a female
Usually these names are linked to very scrumptious looking girls
If you are named one of these and you are a girl then DAMN you must look fine.
I have friends with hot girl names, I wish they were more than friends
by Stoopid One January 14, 2021
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Ayaan is usually a light skinned girl often from a somali descent. Some Ayaan's may be spelt with 2 a's but this one is very special. She is like no other girl you'll ever meet. Trust her and love her for who she really is. She is often intelligent and loving around others. Brown shining eyes, luscious lips, and the prettiest curve on her body...her smile. Who could ask for more?
Boy 1: Who is that girl?
Boy 2: No idea but she looks like an Ayaan(girl name)
Boy 1: Move it she's mine!
Boy 2:Hell no, imma put that ring on her finger before you!

Both rush to her
by crazyassbitchisaid May 30, 2013
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