the living embodiment of God's sense of humor. It's a duck/beaver/reptile. It's a mammal but lays eggs; I can't possibly imagine what its milk must taste like. It builds dams like a beaver and males have poisonous barbs on their hind legs/webbed-feet.
Tina: Like whoas, I just saw a platypus lay eggs.
Tim: Wow, I could swear they were mammals.
Tina: Mammals can't lay eggs you tard.
Tim: But wikipedia says it's a mammal, so it must be true.
Tina: Oh, then nevermind.
by tendo64 May 28, 2007
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god's pokemon

a poisonous amphibian animal resembling a duck with a beaver's body.

an adjective used to describe a female's genitalia with short prickly pubic hair.
On the the 23rd day god became addicted to pokemon on the original nintendo gameboy and decided he would create his very own. One became known as the Platypus. The other less popular one was known as the Garfish.

Hey, is that a platypus? It looks like a duck covered in pubic hair with a beaver's tail. Awesome! Gotta catch em all!!

Kevin became sexually aroused by her freshly groomed, but not completely shaven platypus. He screamed, "I CHOOSE YOU SQUIRTLE!" The battle was filmed via cell phone and posted on the internet.
by neko_sama_dama February 06, 2010
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Probably the greatest animal on the planet; not only is it a duckbilled beaver monster--it has venom-injecting spurs on its ankle. Similar to Helen Keller on the list of God's greatest jokes.
Poor grandma, she should of known the noble platypus was far superior to her dentures

Dude people get by dogs, no one fucks with a platypus
by ak6126 July 19, 2009
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A semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action. A furry little flatfoot who'll never flinch from a fray, It's got more than just man skill, It's got a beaver tail and bill, and the women swoon whenever they hear him say: *platypus sound*
by wtnfnwsrn.awesome. July 15, 2011
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Someone who doesn't do much.

In reference to Phineas and Ferb/Perry the Platypus-

Phineas: What about Perry? What does he want to do?
(Perry chatters)
Phineas: Well, he is a platypus. They don't do much.
Jenny: For a supervisor, Daniel doesn't really do much. He just sits in his office all day.

Adam: I know! He's such a platypus!
by Ronald Parkington January 20, 2012
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Perry the Platypus -Phineas' and Ferb's pet platypus. He lives a double life as a secret agent under the codename of Agent P. Agent P works under Major Monogram's O.W.C.A. (which uses animals as secret agents), and combats Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
by iuhrbviruha8o43 February 06, 2010
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